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The Heleco Kakouris Bros Co. operates in the field of customs formalities and transshipping services, providing sophisticated solutions for modern trade businesses.

Equipped with continuous updating and impartial devotion to our work, the goal for our team is twofold; amplifying the prompt service of transit trade while maximizing the defense of social welfare.


The Heleco Co. a true leader in its field innovates launching a unique electronic platform which calculates the total cost of importing products from ninety countries to the local Greek financial market.MyIMport® app through a handy environment and an enhanced list of products, records all the incoming input and with the use of specialized algorithms it calculates instantly all the import duties and taxes. Our implementation applies to smart devices and specifically to phones and tablets that use the Apple iOS software.From its launch, the application received positive reports and nominated as “App of the week” for three weeks in a row from the official Apple representative in Greece, the iStorm. MyIMport

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Adapting new technologies that facilitate our work and provides security and direct access to our customer data is our main priority. In developing this commitment, we offer a full computerized setting with professional online support (Digital recording, archiving, configuring & updating). We ensure data integrity with use of dedicated server, our own mail box and an automated NAS – Data storage recovery system.The company has a strict IT backup & security policy that is expressed by the presence of a Security and Contingency Plan as well as by a general IT usage policy which is shared among its employees.

All of Heleco IT Systems are tested and approved by the General Secretariat for Information systems of the Greek Ministry of Finance while are also under inspection for the ISO 9001:2008 certificate.

Having strong environmental awareness, Heleco Co. operates daily sharing the less possible energy blueprint.

  • It uses 100% recycled paper
  • Recycles all its paperwork
  • Uses energy sufficient printers & scanners with an optimal workflow of 3500 pages per day
  • Handles up-to-date personal computers and monitors with energy rated A++


Taric Consultation (pdf file)
Taxation & Customs Union( pdf file)

EORI Guide (pdf file)
EORI Validation (URL)

Inco terms (pdf file)
Container types (pdf file)
Cargo weight limit (pdf file)
Currency (pdf file)
Dangerous goods (pdf file)

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